De oude es

About De Oude Es

It has always been a dream to run a vacation house. After a long search we ended up in Reppel, Bocholt and immediately fell in love with the region and our home. But most of all we fell in love with the backyard and the old ash tree in the middle of it. When we visited the town hall to present our plans, we were told explicitly that this ash tree, whose contours are clearly visible on aerial photographs from 1971, must not be cut down. No better tribute, therefore, than to name the vacation home in front of our hous, after this tree.

Our Vacation house

De Oude Es is a dog friendly vacantion house situated in Reppel, Bocholt. The house can host 6 people and optional 2 folding beds for kids. Dogs are welcome in the house and the garden is totaly enclosed. The house has a rural atmosphere with extensive facilities. The living room and kitchen are located on the ground floor and the bedrooms are located on the first floor. There are three bedrooms with each a private bathroom equipped with a sink and shower. On the groundfloor and on the first floor you can find a shared toilet. There is a private terrace and a common garden at your disposal. The common garden is a good place to let the children or the dogs play.

Agility parcours in the garden (with the backneigbours as public)


We offer Agility-lessons in the garden. You don't need any kind of experience as owner or as dog. You are welcome to take your first steps in the world of Agility or to practice something specific with your dog. You are trained by a certified trainer in Agility.